About Freak Of The Day:
Back in the year 2000, musician/singer/songwriter Thad Ward moved from his home state of Indiana to New Jersey. Thad immediately set his sights on finding the best musicians the East coast had to offer. In early 2000, he auditioned for a cover band called Driven and met bass player/songwriter Mike Thomas. The two quickly formed a friendship and attitude about putting together a band that could take on the world. Driven ran out of gas before it got started and left Thad and Mike free to pursue their dreams. They auditioned many guitarists and after several failures they came across Pennsylvania native Frank Wurst. A trio was formed; all that was left to find was a drummer. After many failed auditions and trials, Jimmy Wilgus became the bands new drummer. Soon, FOTD decided to drop the cover gigs become an original band, and played to great reviews..



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